Jane Pamela Matthews was born March 1970 in Bradford, West Yorkshire and first smelled the greasepaint at the tender age of only five years old, singing and dancing in her first show. After training for many years in Ballet, Tap and Modern (including her favourites Jazz and Spanish) in 1986 she became the International Ballet Champion and "Miss Dance Of Great Britain" finalist for two consecutive years. At the age of fifteen Jaynie began training to be a dance teacher and passed her exams at 17.


Jaynie has performed around the country :~ in Summer Season, Principle Boy in Pantomime and support act for Jim Davidson, Stu Francais, The Grumblweeds and Bobby Davro :~ In musicals she has starred as "Tuptim" in "The King And I" and "Chava" in "Fiddler On The Roof"~ in film and T.V. supporting Rick Mayall, Ade Edmenson, Michael York, Juliet Mills and Hugh Grant. She also also toured for a few years in Music Hall doing material from the 1940s 







Jaynie became very well known for her "Vera Lynne" and still performs it to this day at 1940s events.

Here is her most treasures photo with Glenn Miller's Nephew. John.               


At the age of 21, Jaynie decided to gain more experience in the entertainment world by going it alone on the club circuit, which included her famous Michael Jackson routine. She actually went out on the circuit as a Michael Jackson impersonator for 12 years!

 After winning an award for her teaching skills, Jaynie was asked to instruct Line dancing at country venues which she happily accepted. In 1991 Jaynie began to teach line dance around the country to 500 people or more at one time and now and again gave them a song.

 Jaynie has taught line dance on P&O North Sea Ferries since 1993 and still runs a class once a week at Brighton St WMC, Brighton St, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.


 Jaynie has also sang lead, backing vocals and harmonies on demo material for Nashville song writers. 

 Since 1988 Jaynie was a lead, backing and harmony session singer in a recording studio for Bill Clarke.

 Jaynie worked for Bill for so long he became like a member of the family and called him dad No2. Jaynie often says "He's my hero and taught me everything I know" Jaynie worked with Bill and became very special friends. 

After working with Bill in the studio twice a week from 1988 to 2010 Jaynie's recording days ended when Bill sadly passed away before Christmas  2010. Bill  sometimes played a lovely guitar solo on SOULS 'n'STONE albums.

5 years later, Jaynie & Greg worked with a local Duo, The Saloon Drifters, at a new Years Eve gig.

The Saloon Drifters live local to Jaynie & Greg and after their gig together they kept bumping into Neil Woodward from the duo.

Jaynie will never forget bumping into Neil in Asda and he pushed around in a shopping trolley!!


Jaynie & Neil found they had so much in common musically that Neil asked her to jump on board with his recording projects.

Jaynie knew Neil was an excellent guitarist but never knew he was such a talented musician.

Jaynie was thrilled to find her recording days were back on!!

  Jaynie is convinced Bill pushed both of them together as she felt lost when her studio days ended.

Neil has since become a very close friend to Jaynie & Greg and like a member of the family.

Jaynie's & Neil, call themselves "The Dangerland Project" 


This is a hobby only and you can find Jaynie & Neil on Facebook and Twitter #DangerlandPro


Jaynie is also a proffesional photogrpher / digital artiste and Reiki Master / Teacher

 Jaynie is a full member of Equity, International Dance Teachers Association and The Royal Academy Of Dance.

 HOBBIES: Jaynie is a volounteer for Cats protection, Royal Society Of Protection Of Birds and Cedar Wildlife. Jaynie is also a volunteer for Notts/Yorks Boxer Dog Rescue. she helps with the exercise and fund raising events.

Jaynie rescues hedgehogs in October and sometimes overwinters them in her home until their release in Spring the following year. Jaynie helps with the protection and welfare of hedgehogs. 


Other hobbies : Spending fun times and cuddles with her cats, Photography, especially wildlife photography., Bird Watching. Collecting Fairies, Unicorns, Angels and Hello Kitty and making music or hanging out with her friend Neil Woodward.

 LIKES: Back To The Future Movie ( Jaynie is a geek on it!!) The Red Arrows (first saw them in 1975 and has seen them every year since ? she?s a big fan!). Italian Food.Thai food,  Reading 1940's Novels, Animals of all kinds,. Chocolate!!. Playing Soda Crush, Angry Birds & Sonic, and rescuing wildlife in need

 DISLIKES: Cruelty to animals & wildlife. Sushi. Rhubarb.

Greg Harrison.


 Kevin Gregory, born March 1956 in Belper, Derbyshire. Greg (Harry?s son!) quite literally cut his first tooth on a Hank Williams record thanks to his fathers influence. After much persistence his parents bought him his first guitar when he was 10 years old. The love for Country music continued with regular visits to the local club and at the age of 12 he and his dad went to see his hero Johnny Cash.

 Joining the army (REME) after leaving school in 1972, music took a bit of a back seat, though on a different note Greg developed an interest in the American Civil War which led to the hobby of wargaming which he still loves when he finds the time. Back in the front seat, while posted to Germany as a sergeant, Greg bought his first banjo (which he played in the truck to and from exercise) educating the troops in Country and Bluegrass and sometimes getting them singing along or occasionally putting on a show for the boys.


 After 14 years service and now working in Derby, Greg and some of his colleagues formed a band to play at the works Xmas party. They enjoyed it so much that the performances continued. As a self taught musician Greg went on to play lap steel, mandolin, melodion and Northumbrian pipes after accidentally falling onto the Folk scene and from 1993 Greg was a member of  several bands including ?Shamus O?Blivion and the Megadeath Morrismen? appearing at venues including Whitby and Glastonbury.

Between band gigs Greg went out as a solo act under the impromtu stage name ?Jack Daniels? (his favourite tiple!). Having gone to see Billy Joe Spears at Butlins Minehead he was gobsmacked at his first glimpse of linedancers strutting their stuff. He also recalls being envious of one supporting acts at the festival ?The Heroes?. After a showcase event at Pontins Brean Sands in 1999 he was spotted by one of ?The Heroes? and was later asked to stand in for a while. Soon after Greg was offered the job permanently and has performed at Linedance venues and festivals ever since, still fitting in the odd solo gig.

 HOBBIES:   My 16mm garden and 5" gauge railway, war gaming and the occasional game of D&D. 


 LIKES: Costa Coffee With Caramel Syrup, Thai food,  Reading, painting figurines, Visiting steam railways, hanging out with Neil and his son Nathan.

 DISLIKES: Sandwich spread. Packing up after gig.



It?s February 1999 and Jaynie is boarding the P&O North Sea Ferries for their ?Country Theme?. After a bit of a mix up with the bands, Greg, a member of ?The Heroes?, was put on the same ship as Jaynie. It was love at first sight for Jaynie and Greg. Four weeks later the couple were engaged and three months later did their first gig and ?SOULS ?n? STONE? was born.

 ?SOULS ?n? STONE (Jaynie & Greg) have definitely put together a ?Show Stopper? for both listening and line dance audiences. Together with their years of training, experience and Gregs ability to wrestle a tune out of just about any instrument, they certainly know how to get a crowd going. Not only are these two pleasing to the ear, but are visual with great personalities which shine through. They compliment each other and really know how to put on a show.

 ?SOULS ?n? STONE? are the perfect duo. The ?coffee and cream of country entertainment?.Don?t miss the ?BREATHTAKING? performance from these two!





All the things you wanted to know about SOULS 'n' STONE


Q.NAME -  G.Kevin Gregory            J.Jane Gregory

Q.STAGE NAME - G.Greg Harrison            J.Jaynie Matthews

Q.D.O.B - G.7th March 1956 Born in Belper .   J.13th March 1970 Born in Bradford

Q.FAMILY - G.Mum,Dad, Sister, Son, Daughter & 4 Grandchildren (2 of which are twins)       .J Mum & 2 Brothers

Q.WHAT DOES SOULS 'n' STONE MEAN - G.It reflects that we cater for dance audiences " soles " ( of the shoe ) and listeners who like a lot of classic " stone " country. It's spelt "souls" because we realised when we met that we were soul mates. We also have 2 shows. One For the dancers and another for the listeners.

Q.WHERE DID YOU MEET - J.On the P&O ferries. I was teaching line dance and the bands were swapped at the last minute, Greg was a member of that band. We were engaged 3 weeks later.

Q.SO YOU CATER FOR BOTH DANCERS AND LISTENERS. WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN THIS ROUTE AND DOES IT CAUSE YOU ANY PROBLEMS. - G.It allows us to diversify. The only problem it causes is if any dancers see us at a listening venue or vice versa and don?t realise we do a different show.

Q.WHO TAUGHT YOU TO PLAY GUITAR. - J.I first picked one up when I was 9 years old, I didn't like my teachers so my brother, Graeme, taught me a little and Greg taught me the rest.

G.I'm self taught and still learning!

Q.IS THERE A BACKGROUND OF ENTERTAINING IN THE FAMILY - J.Mum danced as a child and sang to families during the war. Her parents were ballroom dance teachers and aunt and uncle were opera singers. My Dad's mum played piano for the silent movies and both my brothers play guitar and bass among other instruments and have performed.

Q.WHAT OTHER THINGS HAVE YOU DONE IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. - J.I learned to dance at 3 years of  age. I studied ballet, tap, modern, jazz, Spanish and a little Scottish and irish. I became a qualified dance teacher at 17. At 16 I started dancing in summer season and pantomime and later doing choreography. I then began playing lead roles in musicals. My favourite was "Chava" in Fiddler On The Roof. Then I started singing with a trio and had the odd role on TV and film. After that I went solo as a support act for Jim Davidson and The Grumbleweeds. In between jobs I taught dance and singing at performing arts colleges and sang on the club circuit. For 12 years I was impersonating Micheal Jackson!!!

G.I've played in 2 pop rock bands which I formed myself before discovering the folk scene and formed The Back Porch Band, playing a lot of bluegrass and Cajun. I then joined an Irish Folk Rock band and then a contemporary folk rock group. I was unaware of the size of the British Country Music scene, it was like discovering a secret society! I immediately began performing locally as a solo artist then I showcased at Brean where I was spotted by a member of the Heroes. I joined them on tour then was taken on full time right up until we started Souls 'n' Stone.

Q.EVER WORKED WITH ANYBODY FAMOUS - J.I've worked with quite a lot but my favourites were The Grumbleweeds, Rod Hull & Emu, Jim Davison, Bobby Davro, Rick Mayall, Michael York and Hugh Grant. He was cool!

G.Whoever was headlining at Glastonbury when I performed there. They didn't come and see me so I didn't go and see them!

Q.EVER WON ANY AWARDS AND IF SO WHAT FOR - J.I've got just over 1,000 medals and 50 trophies for singing and all types of dance. My proudest awards are for the international ballet championships and miss dance of great Britain. My first medal my Dad put on a plaque it says Baby 1975 2nd place. I've also won award for singing and entertainment.

G.REME Corps rugby and Combined Services Judo.

Q.EVER HAD A "PROPER JOB" - J.When I was saving up for my speakers and backing tracks I worked in a warehouse packing Xmas stockings for cats and dogs!!

G.I joined the army (REME) straight from school as a telecomms technician for 14 years. Then worked in Derby doing the same thing without a gun before joining the railway as an instructor.

Q.WHAT DO YOU DO TOGETHER WHEN YOU'RE AT HOME - G.Catch up on some sleep! Sometimes go for a meal to our favourite Italian or Thai, chill out in front of the TV and just make the most of our space although you usually find me in my garden railway.

Q.DO YOU HAVE OTHER JOBS BESIDES SOULS 'n' STONE - J.I have the odd part time job which fits around what we do. After 3 years I attained my 3rd degree in the Japanese form of healing and now I'm a master healer and qualified teacher. I teach courses and have all kinds of people coming for treatment. I've even had people coming to me in the dressing room before a show. I also work as a photographer. I'm mainly a pet photographer combined with digital art although I will do things for other performers for their advertising. . I'm a huge animal lover especially cats. Since around 1992 I've taught Line Dancing every Monday. My class has changed over the years. It used to be 100% Country but I've not many Country people left now so I've had to make sure I keep everyone happy and do a bit of everything. Some of my class have been with me since I started and they feel like my family. I've been missing the theatre, like old time music hall, a little so I've gone back to doing a bit of that, especially my Vera Lynne and managed to get Greg in on the act.

Q.HAVE YOU ALWAYS BEEN INTO COUNTRY MUSIC - J.No, mum & dad brought up on Glen Miller and Andy Williams and my brothers brought me up on Pink Floyd & Rick Wakeman.

G.Yes, I grew up with it. My dad's always been a big fan.

Q.WHAT DO YOU MISS MOST WHEN YOU?RE AWAY ON THE ROAD - J.Decent food! A good nights sleep in own bed, my cats , TV and watching the local wildlife.

G.My garden railway!

Q.WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN IF YOU WEREN?T ENTERTAINERS - J.Full time photographer or tennis player. I love tennis although I've not played in a long time. My dad was a semi pro photographer, table tennis champion and a wonderful tennis player. He was my coach and a good one too. I loved it.

G.Retired soldier supplementing my pension with professional model making.

Q.WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO ON THE ROAD - G.Brad Paisley, Big&Rich, Garth Brooks, Pink Floyd, Within Temptation or we rehearse new songs. 

Q.WHAT CD HAVE YOU PLAYED AT HOME IN THE LAST WEEK - J.After working I actually like a bit of peace and quiet but in the last week I've played T.Rex ?The Gold Collection? ELO and Gary Moore who helps me unwind.  love blues. Really chilling. I listened to a bit of Level 42 today. My only concert I've ever been to.

G.Garth Brooks ?The Ultimate Collection?

Q.WHAT?S YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD - J.Anything Italian and something chocolate to finish and a Costa coffee with caramel syrup. I'm mad on Thai food at the moment.

G.Roast dinner and treacle pudding with custard.

Q.WHAT?S YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD GREG COOKS FOR YOU - J.He?s a mash potato maestro and at new year he always makes haggis, tatties & neeps ? yummy!

Q. WHAT?S YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD JAYNIE COOKS FOR YOU - G.Roast dinner and treacle pudding with custard!!!

Q.WHAT?S YOUR FAVOURITE DRINK - J. Black Russian. I only have it twice a year! it's very expensive plus I'm not much of a drinker. Half a glass & you've to carry me! I am rather partial to a G&T.


Q.DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING - J.Hello Kitty,Fairies, unicorns, angels and other magical / mystical things.

G.Dragons and Lord of The Rings ornaments but mainly my model railway items.

Q.HAVE YOU ANY HOBBIES - J. The Dangerland Project,Playing and cuddling my cats, Bird watching,  and photography  - G.Railway Modelling

Q.FAVOURITE MOVIE - J&G.The Lord Of The Rings.

Q.FAVOURITE BOOKS - G.The Lord Of The Rings and any and all of Tolkien.   J. Lord OF The Rings, The full series of The Chronicles Of Narnia and Birdsong by Sabastian Faulks

Q WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE T.V.PROGRAM. J  Game Of Thrones, Goggle Box, QI. and Mock The Week

G. Game Of Thrones

Q.WHAT ARE YOU READING RIGHT NOW - J. Im reading The Chronicles Of Narnia ( Again!!!) -  G. Bernard Cornwell Historical Fiction

Q.ANY FINAL COMMENTS - J.I?d like to thank everyone for their support over the years. We?ve met some lovely people. We?ll see you soon.

G.I would like everyone to actively get involved in bringing new people into the clubs. WE all know about the British Country Music scene. WE all read our specialist magazines and WE listen to specialist Country programs. The mass media is NEVER going to promote Country Music in this country, so if it?s going to survive we?ve got to promote it ourselves. Try bringing along a friend, acquaintance, family member, work colleague ? they won?t have a clue about it or what it?s like and you never know, they might just enjoy it and continue coming along!